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Depression is life altering not only for the person who is depressed but for all those in the depressed world of the individual who is suffering from this mind-boggling, debilitating state of non-participating existence!

The challenge is to call depression non-participating living. Those experiencing depression will attest to the fact that depression suppresses life and that many times just getting through not only the day, but actual minutes in the day, is difficult.

Depression’s legacy each day is that it saps the person’s energy. Not only does it drain the energy of the family members, but even friends and even co-workers who are in the work place with the depressed person. More times than not the depressed person is in denial and usually does a great job at pretending that he or she is not depressed. Through the denial even those around the depressed person will do their very best to also pretend it is not happening. Denial enables the depression and creates enablers who don’t know what else to do.

The not-knowing-what-to-do is a key element of denial. Let’s just everyone pretend this is not happening. While “this is not happening”, the depression deepens within the depressed person until sometimes critical mass occurs. The critical mass can be a complete breakdown, a withdrawal from life, loss of relationships, and even loss of a job and income.

Depression realistically is loss itself. Some individuals have described it as the “night of the living dead”. It’s going through the motions, pretending it will get better. In the meantime the loss of depression increases. In the worse case scenarios of depression, everyone is at a loss of what to say and what to do. More loss in interaction, more loss in relationships, and more loss of life of the depressed person happens.

The deepest core of depression is disappointment. Disappointment can come from unprepared for experiences in childhood, things not turning out they way they had been planned and/or deep self-inflicted disappointments in judging your Self from unrealistic measurements that are usually based upon someone else’s idea of you. These unrealistic measurements are buy-ins from an age or stage of life that can’t be resolved because of giving up your own power to an idea, limited belief system or an unrealistic judgment from an authority figure outside of your Self. Disappointment is that ultimate self-judgment that is the set-up for depression.

Depression can sometimes take a long time to be diagnosed. Why? Because in unconscious denial stages of depression, you can teach your Self to “act” in certain ways to cover up the emotional disappointment that is brewing inside. Eventually the depression will exhibit itself in self-destructive behaviors: bursts of anger, wanting to sleep and hide, change in eating habits, eating more or eating less.

There are many ways to describe the results of depression. One key way is the disconnection from life. Depression can appear to the outside world as if you are not caring about anything. This is the farthest from the Truth. Disconnection is the cry for help. The emotional display of not-caring is the deep-seated fear of losing control. Losing control of your Self, your life, your family, your friends, your career, your job can appear to be the ultimate loss of your grip on life. You deserve to live your life to the fullest, free of depression.

How do you begin to do this? Comprehend that Depression is not your identity:

  1. Depression is the physical and emotional attachments to past disappointments, which can begin as early as in the womb.
  2. Drugs, prescription or street drugs are not the answer to depression.
  3. Depression can be a learned behavior.
  4. Depression is not genetic.
  5. Depression can be healed by connecting to the core of the physical and emotional attachment that are unresolved.
  6. Depression can be solved through the resolution of the emotional and physical attachments to the past.

Then follow these steps to resolving Depression and taking back your life:

  1. Accept the past which cannot be changed.
  2. Stop telling the “stories” of the past.
  3. Recognize the facts of the situations and conditions that can not be changed.
  4. Acknowledge the disappointments of the past situations without the emotional and physical attachments to the emotionally charged stories connected to the situations and people in the past.
  5. Understand that depression can be healed.
  6. Agree that drugs are not the answer, the resolution or the solution to living a full life.
  7. Know you have the ability to heal the depression.
  8. Comprehend you are NOT depression and that it is an emotional reaction to a situation or events in the past.

Implement these practical tools for letting go of Depression:

  1. Love your Self unconditionally, which means NO conditions.
  2. Stop the Self-judgment in any way, shape or form.
  3. Become the Non-Emotional Observer of the past that can not be changed.
  4. Become the Person in charge of what you are creating in your life.

Take these steps proactively.
Remember…depression is a label and not your identity.
You are a person who deserves to live your life depression free!